Setting a registry as your default registry

How to use one of your registries as your default registry

With Bytesafe you are able to control the flow of packages in and out of your organization. By setting your Bytesafe registry as you default registry, you no longer will need to add the --registry argument when you’re installing or publishing packages.

To configure clients to use a specific default registry, you simply need to run this command in the terminal, where example is replaced with the name of your own Bytesafe registry.

This may be beneficial for users in organizations that want to make sure that all packages are passed through a specific Bytesafe registry and so that configured Plugins and Policies are used.

npm config set registry ''

For example, when installing packages with npm, you will just have to type:

npm install <package>

If you have not configured your registry as the default registry, you will need to be explicit:

npm --registry '' install <package>