Pulling a package from an upstream

How to access package information and pull different versions of a packages from upstreams

In Bytesafe you by default view what packages versions exist in your own private registries. You also have the option to view and pull (download) available package versions from your configured upstreams.

Packages and package versions in your registry

Packages and package versions for a registry are accessible from multiple places within Bytesafe:

  • Package search - Search for any package within the registry
  • Recently updated packages - most recently updated packages are accessible from dashboards
  • Dependencies - in relation to other packages
  • Dev dependencies - in relation to other packages

A package is displayed with a package card. The card contains key information for a specific package. Package card

  • Package name - Click to go to package page containing all available package versions
  • Package version - Latest version available for the package in the registry. If multiple versions exist, also includes indicator for number of versions.
  • Issues - Identified issues and severity for a package
  • Licenses - Identified package licenses

Upgrade a package to the latest version

By clicking on a specific package you’ll see all available versions of the package in your registry. If you would like to upgrade an existing package in your registry to the latest version click the pull @latest button.

Pull the latest package version

From this page you are also able to delete packages in your registry.

Make sure Local Versions is selected in the drop-down (which is default).

Pull specific package version from an upstream

To see packages versions available in any upstreams that has been configured for a registry, you need to switch to the upstream in the drop-down (changing from Local Versions).

Package upstreams

A typical scenario is to pull a specific updated version from the upstream or browse available package versions.

To pull a specific version, click the pull button on the specific package version card.

Package versions of a specific package