Promoting package versions

How to promote a package version

The promote functionality allows users to promote existing package versions to new version, without making any changes to the artifact itself.

Select a well tested development version and promote it to a release version. By not rebuilding a package, users can avoid a lot of common error causes: testing one thing and releasing another, slight differences between the production and development build chains.

The target destination for a promoted package version can either be the current registry for a package or any of the available upstreams.


To promote a package version, follow the steps below.

1. Click on the Package to promote from the source registry.

2. Click on the exact Package version to be promoted.

3. Click on the Promote button.

5. Select Upstream to be used as destination for the promoted package (defaults to current registry for package).

6. Enter desired New version for the package (defaults to current version).

7. Click on the Promote button to confirm.

promote package version

Overwriting package versions using Promote

For users that want to overwrite an existing package version in a destination registry, simply use an already existing versions as the new version for a package.

Using this functionlity to intentionally overwrite a package version, enables promotion of packages with the intention of patching existing package versions.