Overview of key metrics for your workspace and registries

Bytesafe dashboards allows users to access a holistic overview of all key metrics, trends and recent activity for their registries.

Dashboards are available for:

  • Registries - each registry offers a dashboard with the metrics for that single registry
  • Workspace - aggregated view of metrics for all registries

Registry Dashboard

The registry dashboard displays metrics for that specific registry.


Metric Description
Packages Total number and trend for unique packages in the registry. A single package can have multiple versions. Click to manage packages
Versions Total number and trend for number of package versions in the registry. Click to manage packages
Quarantine Number of quarantined packages and trend for the registry. Click to manage quarantined packages
Upstreams Number of upstreams and trend for the registry. Click to manage upstreams
Plugins Number of plugins and policies enabled for a registry. Click to manage plugins and policies
Issues Number of issues and divided by severity for the registry. Click to track all open issues or filtered by severity. For more information see Issues, Vulnerability scanner and License Compliance
Most common licenses Breakdown of most common package licenses in the registry. Number of instances of each license available on hover. For detailed license composition, see License Dashboard.
Activity graph Graph displaying registry activity - one year period
Recently updated packages List of recently updated packages - maximum of 10 items

Workspace dashboard

The workspace dashboard aggregates metrics for all registries in a workspace.

Workspace dashboard is accessible from Dashboard in the main menu. It is the landing page after signin to Bytesafe.


In addition to the metrics available in registry dashboards, workspace specific metrics include:

Metric Description
Registries Total number and trend for the workspace. Click to manage registries
Users Number of active users for the workspace. Click to manage users on the team page
Recently updated packages - registry information Package card also includes information on registry belonging (below package name)