Creating a new registry

How to add a new registry to your workspace

Registries allow users to structure packages in a way that suits their applications, workflows and CI/CD pipeline. Bytesafe supports an unlimited number of npm, NuGet, Maven and PyPI registries for each workspace.

Bytesafe supports package registries and firewall registries. Below is information on how to setup a package registry.

Each registry can be uniquely setup with its own set of upstreams, plugins and policies.


1. Click on the button Create registry under Registries in the menu.

Create a registry button

Remember to learn more about the Dependency Firewall features and how to create a Firewall registry.

2. Select registry type. npm, nuget, maven or pypi.

3. Enter the name of your new registry. Optionally add description.

4. Click on the Create registry button to add your new registry.

Create a registry page

After creating new registries you need to consider if you want to add any upstreams (e.g. for public open source dependencies) or enable any additional plugins/policies. By default vulnerability scanner and license compliance plugins are enabled for new registries.

New registries are flagged internal by default.

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