Inviting team members

How to invite your team members by email

Using the same workspace and private registry for your whole team allows for code sharing, collaboration and applying the same policies and level of security for everyone.

To invite additional team members, click on Team in the main menu.

Inviting team members by email

Enter the email address of the person you want to invite. Click on the Send Invite button to send an invitation.

You can add any number of users which are included in your plan.

Invite team members

Accepting invitation

When you have sent invitations to team members, they will accept by clicking on Join your team in the invitation email.

Following the instructions will allow the new member to create a user linked to your workspace.

Invitation mail

The link to join the team is valid for 5 days. If the link expires, any team admin can resend the invitation.


New members are assigned the Developer role.

To change role of a team member, visit Change team member roles