Managing team and roles

Managing team and changing roles

In a team, members can be assigned different roles and the status of each member can be set to either active or deactivated.

This page describes how to change roles and activate/deactivate users.

Currently supported roles are Admin and Developer.

Admin users have access to certain workspace features, in excess of what is allowed for the developer role:

To manage the team or change roles, click on Team in the main menu.

Managing the team

When users have left the team, you might want to reflect that in Bytesafe.

To deactivate user, select Deactivate in the user options.

Invite team members

When a user has been deactivated, all related access tokens for that user will automatically become expired.

Similarly, to activate an inactive user, select Activate in the user options.

Changing roles of users

The initial user that creates the workspace is automatically assigned as an account Admin who can invite additional team members.

To make additional user Admins, select Make admin in the user options.

Invite team members

To add new team members, visit Invite team members