Add and manage members for a workspace

To allow for collaboration on all packages, registries and features in a workspace, users can add additional members to their team.

Your Bytesafe Workspace contains all your registries, packages and configurations and where you can access the features of Bytesafe.

Adding additional members grant them access to a Bytesafe workspace and allow them to:

  • Access to Bytesafe private registries using npm / yarn / pnpm cli (e.g. for install / publish)
  • Access to Bytesafe web application (dashboards, browse dependencies, security- and license issues)
  • Create and manage existing registries (including plugins, policies and upstream configurations)
  • Create and manage tokens for registries (personal and for CI/CD services)
  • View existing Security issues
  • View License information and License Compliance
  • Use of Bytesafe CLI
  • Add integrations to a workspace (admin users only)


Make sure every team member codes securely by adding them to your Team!

Share private packages and manage, control and secure the public dependencies your team is using with Bytesafe.

Follow the links below for more information on how to invite members to your team and managing team member roles.

Inviting team members

How to invite your team members by email

Managing team and roles

Managing team and changing roles