Service compatibility

Supported Node.js, npm, nuget and Maven versions

Many package management functions of Bytesafe access using command line clients for the respective ecosystem.

To simplify for our users, we have developed a compatibility commitment regarding the npm, NuGet, Maven and Pip versions that are supported.

In addition to the commitment, Bytesafe aims to support as many use-cases and service integrations as possible.

Supported client versions

Client Compatibility
npm Supported versions bundled with Node.js “Current”, “Active (LTS)” or “Maintenance (LTS)” releases
yarn Best effort support of Yarn 1.X versions (v1.17.0+)
pnpm Best effort support (v4+)
mvn Support for versions 3.5.0 and newer
gradle Best effort support (v3.5+)
nuget Support for versions 5.X and above, with best effort support for previous versions
pip Support for versions v22.x and above, with best effort support for previous versions

An overview of currently available Node.js versions, and the timeline for each phase is available at Node.js releases.

An overview of Maven release versions and the timeline can be found in the Apache Maven releases.

An overview of NuGet and .NET release versions and timeline is available at NuGet releases and .NET releases.

An overview of Pip release versions and timeline is available at Pip releases.

Supported external service integrations

In general, services that use supported versions of npm client and offer support for custom configuration of the package registry source can be integrated with Bytesafe.

For more details, see How to integrate external services with Bytesafe

Services that use custom software to access registries, including internal versions of npm, may or may not work depending on their npm compatibility.

Using a version not in the list?

Questions regarding the compatibility of the service you are using with Bytesafe? Want to report a bug? Contact our top-notch support. We will gladly help!

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