Issues Summary

The Issues Summary report highlights issues with your existing open source packages in your workspace.

The Issues Summary report displays a holistic view of all issues in your workspace or selected registries.

Bytesafe Issues Summary report

Section Description
Metrics Metrics for the firewalls and registries included in the report, such as number of firewalls, registries, packages, versions and quarantined packages
Report Scope A list of firewalls and registries used as a basis for the report
Quarantined Packages Packages currently in Quarantine
Issues Open and resolved issued for the selected time period
Top Open Issues Open issues with a HIGH or CRITICAL severity
Slow issues Issues with a HIGH or CRITICAL severity that have remained open for more than a defined slow-issue period, eg. 14 days.
Top Resolved Issues Issues with a HIGH or CRITICAL severity that were resolved for the selected time period

The table of contents lets you navigate to the different sections in the reports and all issues are linked directly to your workspace issues where there’s additional information.

Filtering options

  • Defining the scope: the entire workspace or specific registries
  • Selecting a time period, for example year to date.
  • Defining time period when to not include Slow issues.

Slow issues

When generating the report you select the time period for Slow issues. Issues that are unresolved and older than the defined period will be considered Slow issues