Automate package workflows with Bytesafe plugins

What are Plugins?

Plugins extend on Bytesafe’s core with added functionality and performs actions for you, such as scan packages for vulnerabilities, sending notifications to Slack channels or automatically pushing packages to upstream registries.

How to configure Plugins

Plugins are configured on a per registry level and configurations are not shared between registries. This allows users to tailor registries to different needs.

Configuration is done in the Plugins tab for a registry.

Plugins overview

To enable a plugin you require, toggle the selected switch to enabled.

Bytesafe offers a number of built-in plugins ready for use, but will also support custom and 3rd party integrations in the future.

Plugin settings

Some plugins include additional settings that allow more fine-grained control over how the plugins function. Depending on the plugin, settings can be optional or mandatory.

To access the plugin settings, click on the settings link below the toggle switch for the specific plugin.

Forward plugin

Automatically pushes new package versions to upstreams

License scanner plugin

Scans packages for license information and finds potential license issues

Version auto increment plugin

Automatically increments the package version on publish

Vulnerability scanner plugin

Scan packages for known vulnerabilities