Receive notifications from Bytesafe in your Slack

The Slack integration lets you receive notifications on workspace or registry/package level events in your own Slack channel.

After initial setup, the integration will send notification for:

  • Issues - Newly created issues and updates
  • New registries - Creation of new registries in workspace
  • Registry changes - Addition/removal of upstreams
  • New users - Addition of users to workspace

How to add Slack integration

Slack integration is manage in the workspace Settings in Bytesafe. Select Integrations tab to display available integrations.

Users with admin privileges for a Bytesafe workspace will be able to access settings.

1. Add Slack integrations by clicking Connect to Slack.

connect to slack

With this action the user will be redirected to Slack. If no active login to Slack is available, user will be prompted to authenticate.

2. Select Slack workspace.

3. Allow Bytesafe integration access and configure Slack channel to be used for notifications.

4. Done! User will be redirect back to Bytesafe.

To test integration, simply click Test on the Slack integration. If properly configured a test notification should be triggered and sent in your Slack channel.

Removing the Slack integration

Removal of the Slack integration from Bytesafe is done from Settings.

To remove the integration:

  1. Select Remove on the Slack integration.

The Bytesafe app can also be removed directly from Slack if required.