Invite team members

How to invite your team members & manage team roles

Invite members to your team and collaborate on packages, registries and features in a workspace. Using the same workspace for your whole team allows for the same level of security for everyone.

To invite additional team members, click on Team in the main menu.


Inviting team members by email

Enter the email address of the person you want to invite. Click on the Send Invite button to send an invitation.

You can add any number of users which are included in your plan.

Read-only users can also be invited by email by selecting it from button drop-down. Read-only users does not count towards your plans user limits.

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Requesting invite

Alternatively potential users can request an invite by accessing any workspace link and requesting an invitation.

Request invitation

Notifcations are sent to workspace admins. Pending request to request/deny are available in the Team page. Approving a request will send an invitation email to the user.

Accepting invitation

When you have sent invitations to team members, they accept by clicking on Accept Invite in the invitation email.

Follow the instructions to create a new user linked to the workspace.

Invitation mail

The link to join the team is valid for 5 days. If the link expires, any team admin can resend the invitation.


Team roles

In a team, members can be assigned different roles and the status of each member can be set to either active or deactivated. New members are assigned the Developer role (unless invited as read-only).

Role Description
Developer Default user for new members. Secure access to registries, security issues, licenses compliance and registry configuration.
Admin Access to workspace features, in excess of what is allowed for the developer role. Invite new members, Manage existing team (deactivate, activate etc), add and manage workspace integrations, Manage payment plans & subscriptions
Read-only Read-only users can view metrics, issues and package composition, but are missing privileges to alter the content in a workspace or access registries. Read-only users do not count towards the payable number of users as part of a plan.

Managing the team

To manage the team and change roles, click on Team in the main menu.

Additionally, users can manage invites (re-send and delete) and requests (approve / deny) from the Team page.

Changing roles of users

The initial user that creates the workspace is automatically assigned as an account Admin who can invite additional team members.

To make additional user Admins, select Make admin in the user options.

Invite team members

Deactivate user

When users have left the team, you might want to reflect that in Bytesafe.

To deactivate user, select Deactivate in the user options.

When a user has been deactivated, all related access tokens for that user will automatically become expired.

Similarly, to activate an inactive user, select Activate in the user options.

Deactivating a user expires all access tokens
When reactivating a previous user, new access tokens must be created for that user. For more information, see access token no longer valid.