Getting started

Get started with Bytesafe in less than a minute

To get started with your firewall for dependencies in fully managed registries, create a workspace and continue with the steps below. You’ll be up and running in no time.

If you’d like to watch a video how to work with Bytesafe registries - here’s a video for you.

Create your workspace & sign in

Go to Bytesafe Signup and select the workspace name that you would like to use. This will be part of the domain name used to access Bytesafe.

The next step is to create an admin user. Users can sign up with either:

  • Social logins (Google, GitHub or Microsoft)
  • Email & password.

After workspace creation has been completed, you will be automatically signed in to Bytesafe.

To access an existing workspace, go to https://{your-workspace-name} or enter the workspace name when signing in.

Congratulations! Your first private registry: default is automatically created and is ready to be used.

Quickstart guide

Quickstart: Firewall for your dependencies

Invite team members

How to invite your team members & manage team roles

Managing tokens

How to manage your access tokens. Learn how to create, list and revoke tokens.