Bytesafe CLI

The Bytesafe CLI offers the option to control your registries from the command line.

Most Bytesafe actions can be performed either from the CLI or the console.

Download Bytesafe CLI

The bytesafe CLI is available for macOS, Linux and Windows:

Configure Bytesafe CLI by setting the endpoint

To be able to login to Bytesafe using the CLI for the first time, first use the bytesafe configure command.

$ bytesafe configure

You will then be prompted to enter your endpoint which is your Bytesafe account, for example

Enter endpoint:

Successfully configured the endpoint. Continue with login: 'bytesafe login'

Endpoint set by the configure command on first use will be stored in the .bytesaferc file as the default endpoint.

To connect Bytesafe CLI to another endpoint, use the --endpoint flag.

Login with Bytesafe CLI

For login to Bytesafe, use the bytesafe login command.

$ bytesafe login

This action requires a token, which is fetched from the CLI page in the Bytesafe web console. The CLI will provide an account specific link to the CLI page.

Login to endpoint: ''

Visit '' to retrieve a new token

Enter token: BA8G...

Login successful. Logged in as: ...

You are now logged in with the Bytesafe CLI. The CLI login token is valid for 30 days.

See below for basic bytesafe commands or use command bytesafe help in terminal for available options.

Bytesafe CLI commands

With the Bytesafe CLI you are able to execute the most important commands related to registries and packages in you Bytesafe account.

Available bytesafe commands can always be displayed by using the help function

$ bytesafe help

Usage: bytesafe [options...] command [options...] [args...]

Package CLI commands

Work with packages in your registries using Bytesafe CLI

Registry CLI commands

Manage registries in your account using Bytesafe CLI