SAML with Auth0

How to set up Single Sign-On with Auth0 as a SAML Identity Provider

1. Log in to your Auth0 Dashboard and navigate to Applications → Applications.

Auth0 Settings

2. Click on + Create Application.

3. Enter a descriptive name for the SAML integration, e.g. “Bytesafe” and select option Single Page Applications then click Create.

4. Enter Bytesafe ACS URL, this can be found in your Bytesafe Dashboard Under SettingsSecuritySAML (settings). (Replace the WORKSPACE with the name of your Workspace).

Auth0 Settings

5. Download XML Metadata by clicking Identity Provide Metadata Download.

Important: The Metadata from Auth0 needs to be uploaded to Bytesafe to enable trust for your IdP.

Auth0 Settings

6. Proceed to Enable SAML in Bytesafe for the last steps.