Bytesafe SAML requirements

Bytesafe SAML requirements to set up Single Sign-On (SSO)

We support SAML v2.0 and you can use SAML towards one identity provider per Bytesafe Workspace.

SAML includes the information below (“Claims”) in the data exchange that occurs on a successful authentication.

Bytesafe looks for the information in the following order:

Attribute Required SAML Claim
E-mail address Yes
  2. email
  3. emailAddress
  4. Email
  5. saml_username
  6. emailaddress
  7. mail
Given name No
  2. givenName
  3. givenname
  4. given_name
Last name No
  2. surName
  3. lastName
  4. familyName
  5. sn
Display name No
  3. displayName
  4. display_name
If no Display name is found, Bytesafe will try to use Given name + Last name.