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This is your knowledge base for everything related to Bytesafe, including how to use the service and the most common use cases.

The code supply chains are based on trust. Trust that all packages are available and safe to use. That’s where Bytesafe comes into play and helps you gain control and insights.

Our solution

Our mission is to make usage of JavaScript safer in your apps both from a technical and business perspective. Bytesafe is built to provide features to close the gap between developers and security teams with great workflow support allowing you to always be in control of your JavaScript packages.

The service provides the infrastructure needed to add security and control when consuming and sharing code, both with other teams and third parties.

Our policies, plugins and integrations allow you to be notified of known vulnerabilities or restrict packages that do not comply with rules defined by your organization.

We hope you’ll like it.

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If you need any further assistance, drop us a support mail or open up the chat in Bytesafe. We are happy to assist!

Bytesafe blog

Our Bytesafe blog contains news and additional insights on how to best make use of the different features of Bytesafe.

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Twitter: bytesafedev Linkedin: bytesafe Facebook: bytesafedev

Getting started is quick and easy

Bytesafe is free for individual developers and open-source projects. We also offer a free trial of our Teams plan where you can add all your team members.

Getting started

Get started with Bytesafe in less than a minute


Login to Bytesafe with your npm, yarn or pnpm client.

Working with registries

Bytesafe offers unlimited number of registries and all of them can be uniquely setup according to your needs!


Linked registries allowing for secure and extended flow of packages


Automate package workflows with Bytesafe plugins


Automate package workflows with rules for your registries


Connecting Bytesafe to other services you use

Use cases

Use-cases and example configurations

Bytesafe CLI

The Bytesafe CLI offers the option to control your registries from the command line.