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The documentation covers how to use the service, all features as well as common use cases.

To get started see our Getting Started guide or find information for the package manager of your choice in the table below.

Package Managers
npm Default package manager for node.js. See Package Managers > Npm
NuGet Package manager for .NET. See Package Managers > NuGet
yarn Alternative package manager for node.js. See Package Managers > Npm
pnpm Alternative package manager for node.js. See Package Managers > Npm
pip Tool for installing Python packages. See Package Managers > Pip
Build tools
Maven Build tool and primary repository format for JVM based languages. See Package Managers > Maven
Gradle Maven repository compatible build tool. See Package Managers > Maven > Gradle
.NET .NET and .NET Core frameworks. See Package Managers > NuGet
JavaScript Node.js modules. See Package Managers > Npm
TypeScript Node.js modules. See Package Managers > Npm
Java Maven compatible JVM based language. See Package Managers > Maven
Kotlin Maven compatible JVM based language. See Package Managers > Maven
Scala Maven compatible JVM based language. See Package Managers > Maven
Python Python modules. See Package Managers > Pip

Our solution

Bytesafe is a firewall for dependencies for both developers and business stakeholders. A flexible package management tool offering fully managed npm and maven artifact registries. Teams can manage their package dependencies efficiently, collaborate and secure their software supply chain.

Key features:

  • Dependency Firewall - Control your team’s single source of truth in fully managed registries
  • Security - Continuously scan and monitor your dependencies to prevent vulnerability issues
  • License Compliance - Make sure packages you depend on are in compliance with your policies
  • Remediation - Identify issues, fix them and keep track of the trends
  • Simplicity - Automate package flows, token management and enable deterministic collaboration
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The Bytesafe Workspace

The workspace is where you store your data and manage your team. It contains all your registries, packages and configurations. And as such it enables all features in Bytesafe.

Users access the workspace using a unique Bytesafe domain: https://{workspace}

To claim your own Bytesafe Workspace, sign up and get started in minutes.

For more information see the Getting Started guide.

Contact us


If you need any further assistance, drop us a support mail or open up the chat in Bytesafe. We are happy to assist!

Bytesafe blog

Our Bytesafe blog contains news and additional insights on how to best make use of the different features of Bytesafe.

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Twitter: bytesafedev Linkedin: bytesafe Facebook: bytesafedev

Getting started is quick and easy

Bytesafe is free for individual developers and open-source projects. We also offer a free trial of our Teams plan where you can add all your team members.

How to get started
Get up and running in less than a minute with our Getting started guide

Getting started

Get started with Bytesafe in less than a minute

Bytesafe Community Edition

Getting Started with Bytesafe Community Edition (Free)

Account and Profile

Connect your organization with account settings, personalize your profile and manage the notifications

Package Management

Supported package managers & formats

Dependency Firewall

The Dependency Firewall features protect your organization from malicious code and attacks.

Software Composition Analysis

Scan & identify software assets in your supply chain


Track problems found in your registries and their remediation

License Compliance

Stay on top of Licenses for open source dependencies


Protect teams and build environments from using unwanted packages


Linked registries - source and destination for packages


Automate package workflows with Bytesafe plugins


Automate package workflows with rules for your registries


Connecting Bytesafe to other services you use


Reports on open source governance and compliance

Working with registries

Bytesafe offers unlimited number of registries and all of them can be uniquely setup according to your needs!

Use cases

Use-cases and example configurations

Bytesafe CLI

The Bytesafe CLI offers the option to control your registries from the command line.


Resolve issues quickly and successfully

Service compatibility

Supported Node.js, npm, nuget and Maven versions